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What To Expect


When You Arrive

When you pull into our parking area at 1696 Cary Road, look for the large Hope banner. Come on into the Hall, greeters will welcome you, and ushers will help direct you to a

Our Morning Gathering

We encourage you to come as you are with no expectation with regards to formal wear, previous church experience, or Christian values.

We invite you to engage in Christ-centered worship and an application-filled study of God’s Word with us. If this is all very new or foreign to you, we ask that you respect our gathering as a holy and sacred time for our committed attendees.

At Hope we value God’s Word - the Bible and its application to our lives – we encourage
folks to bring their bible, a pen and note paper or journal to write down key take-aways
from the message. Bibles are made available at each service to use, and if you don’t
have a bible of your own, please accept a bible from us as a gift from the Lord to you!

Before and/or after the service please introduce yourself, meet our leaders, visit our
welcome desk, and ask any questions.


What our family ministry looks like

We believe that a child’s faith development is primarily facilitated by their parents or guardian and because of that our children’s ministry intentionally incorporates parent involvement.

To accommodate space for everyone, Hope Kids is available during the entire service.
Ages 4 - 10 go to the Kids Clubhouse to the east of the Hall, with Ages 0 - 3 going to the
nursery on the main floor of the Hall.


From time to time, we have families participate in
the worship service together, and be dismissed for a gospel message directed toward

Call Us Home

We have a 3-step process to best help you understand and experience calling Hope Bible Church your home. 

STEP 1 ICON 600X600 PNG.png

Step 1: Meet

Hear our story, values and vision from the voice of our Pastor.

STEP 2 ICON 600X600 PNG.png

Step 2: Learn

Learn the core beliefs and practices that unite and direct us.


Step 3: Belong

Find your fit in our community, and serve with us.

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